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Who am I?

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 Welcome! My name is Jennifer Agugliaro and I am the owner of 7 Chakras Wellness.  My journey with holistic medicine began when I sought alternative treatment for my infertility issues. I immediately knew I had found my calling (it also resulted in 2 healthy pregnancies). I had been working as a registered nurse for 15 years, but decided to re-train as an Ayurvedic Practitioner to help bring a holistic element to others seeking to naturally improve their health. I focus on women's health - primarily working with issues in reproductive health, digestion, sleep and anxiety/stress. Whether you are looking to improve your health in these areas or have a separate issue you want addressed, Ayurveda can provide you with natural, holistic treatments and education to live a balanced and peaceful life.

                                                                    -Jennifer Agugliaro

Who are you?

You believe strongly in the importance of improving your health. You have an open mind and wish to explore alternative healing strategies in addition to, or instead of, western medicine. You are not looking for a “magic pill” and are ready to put in the time and effort required to experience long lasting change. You are looking for a certified holistic practitioner to partner with you to provide real results in the health of your mind, body and spirit.  If this describes you, please contact me and I will happily guide you through your healing journey with compassion, attentiveness, understanding and care.


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