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Kirsten M.

At first I was nervous to work with an Online practitioner who I didn’t know but she exceeded my expectations! You get a package deal with multiple sessions that work out to be a very very fair price but on top of that she writes up everything that you talk about in an email and sends it to you with just loads of information. And then she also invited to take her courses for free and they have recipes and just almost everything you could need to know about ayurveda! She is very organized and very knowledgeable and I would highly highly highly recommend her!

Carla H. 

I have had a terrible problem with night sweats due to menopause for 15 years, Jen at 7 Chakras Wellness put me on a regime that cured the problem within a week. You can't get any better than that.

Catherine F.

Jennifer was very personable and professional. I was feeling so stuck since quarantine started. My mental and emotional health was suffering since the gyms were closed. I made an appointment with her to see what Ayurveda was all about. I learned so much as she took her time and explained everything. I started on her suggestions and signed up for the free meditation class. It really changed my life and I now meditate daily. I am more calm and centered. I highly suggest Jennifer and her practice.

Satisfied C.

Jen has successfully kept me off of conventional medication and my pain level has decreased significantly!

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